Michel Beaudry (born 1945, Québec) was educated in philosophy and sociology. For much of his professional life he was a computer systems analyst at the National Institute of Scientific Research (Urban Planning) in Montréal. As director of computer and methodology services he was responsible for managing computer systems at the Institute from 1972 on and acted as a statistics consultant on research projects in Montréal, Mexico, and Morocco.

Despite the lack of any formal training in the arts he has maintained a sculpture studio in Val-David, Québec for more than 20 years, developing skills as a metalworker, computer technician, and electronics expert. His life has been deeply intertwined with the Quebec arts scene as he has forged both personal and working relationships with many of Québec's artists including Jean-Paul Riopelle and most significantly, his life partner, Bonnie Baxter.

Michel Beaudry is currently devoting himself to the full time vocation of sculpting. He works primarily with steel and aluminum to create surreal representations of the natural world. His work is included in a number of private collections and is frequently exhibited in site-specific installations in venues such as the Foundation Derouin, the Art Zoo at Remington Contemporary Art Gallery in Markham Ontario, the Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides and La Maison de la culture Mercier In Montréal.