the work of Michel... a sense of wonder... like in the period of the first colonists who came back with tales of wonder of strange animals and birds, and, describing them in words to someone else who then, from the words tries to reconstruct what he thinks they should look like..... so they end up looking quite otherworldly.... I mean the effort to make them ends up in making them strange and remote, like a large clockwork toy more connected to childhood than eating and copulating and shitting animalhood. Delightful.

David Moore, September 2011

MICHEL BEAUDRY Reviews / Articles
2013 February Le Vadrouilleur Urbain, Sylvain. BONNIE BAXTER + MICHEL BEAUDRY / Maison de la culture Mercier, LE VADROUILLEUR URBAIN : ARTS VISUELS ET URBANITÉS / NOUVELLES EN CONTINU !, http://levadrouilleururbain.wordpress.com/
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2013 March Accès culture Montréal. Bonnie Baxter et Michel Beaudry, LATITUDE L. view pdf
2011 December CLOUTIER, MARIO. Expo parfaite pour la famille, La Presse.ca Publié le | Mis à jour le 22 décembre 2011 à 10h37
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2009 Summer Bouchard, Marie Ginette. JARDIN DE RÊVE, VIE DES ARTS, Vol. 53, No. 215 p.73.
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2009 July Regimbald, Manon. Rencontre avec Bonnie Baxter et Michel Beaudry 18 Expositions antérieures, juillet 2009 à 16H00
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